Forgotten Realms

Assult Cragmaw Castle - 2nd Attempt

Session Date: January 5, 2018

After resting the night, the Mythril Marauders decided to assault the castle again with hopes of rescuing Gundren. First, their intrepid Swashbuckler, Cialias, decided to scout the castle exterior hoping to find an secondary or hidden entrance. What Cialias did find was a pond of small frogs and a Bugbear face-to-face. Cialias fled before the Bugbear could do much damage to him. However, this alerted the castle inhabitants that an attack was imminent from the Marauders.

The castle inhabitants gathered an attack force and chased Cialias to a clearing where the rest of the party was waiting for him. The force of bugbears and goblins attacked the party to little effect. With efficient use of spells, missile attacks, bear-on-bear attacks and a sleep spell, the party was victorious. However, two goblins escaped the slaughter and alerted the castle who gathered their remaining forces to take out the characters once and for all.

As the bugbears and goblins exited the castle to attack the characters, the party got ready to sneak in to get Gundren. To that end, Kitty cast an invisibility spell on herself and did sneak past goblins and found Gundren. She provided a potion of healing and together they fled the castle when the rest of the party made a diversion attack on the goblins guarding the castle entrance.

The party successfully gathered Gundren and his map to the Echo Wave Mine and escaped back to Phandalin. Gundren asked for the Party’s help to defend him while he finds his brothers at the mine. Next stop, the Echo Wave Mine!



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